​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tam Kwan Yuen


Last Station, Budapest-Keleti

18.4" x 30"
Price: $3,800

Last Station, Budapest-Keleti

My Image

While rummaging through the images from my recent Europe sketching and photo-taking trip, I was expecting myself to find and paint architecture from major cities like Venice and Prague. After all, they are well-known for the beauty of their churches, squares and castles, aren't they?

But I came across this image of the central train station of Budapest, which was taken after I got down from the train. The composition was interesting with great exploration opportunities for perspective, texture and forms. It seems as though passengers are hastily making their way through an old, run-down train station of a modern city, Budapest. It was an unusual subject to paint given the many scenic photos that I have taken in all the cities I had been to.

Upon deciding to paint this, I took out my sketchbook and began designing the whole scene based on photos, sketches and my impression of the place. This is the final outcome and I hope you are enjoying the image!