​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tam Kwan Yuen


Life of Fez

22" x 30" Price: 
Price: $3800

Life of Fez

The buildings, people, and streets of Fez make up an incredibly rich landscape and I have decided to depict such a landscape in this latest painting. 
The lifestyle and culture of Morocco's oldest city is shown by the costumes, shops and city walls of the old Medina, which is its town centre. With the sunlight and weather on my side as I was touring that place, it forms a very bustling and warm atmosphere amplified also by the shadows and warm colours. The costumes and textured walls blend perfectly together to form the resulting image.
Morocco is a country rich in culture and colours and is a great place to visit to get great inspirations!

Outstanding Watercolor Award, Boldbrush Painting Competition, month of October 2017, organized by FASO.